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Gastonia Garage Doors is a renowned name for garage door cable repair in Gastonia, NC. We work by integrating high-quality items with professionalism to offer satisfaction to our clients.

Garage door cables are a crucial part of the garage door system. A broken cable can leave you stranded in the garage!

What are garage door cables?

Garage door cables are placed on each side of the garage door. They are used with both torsion and extension springs

These cables are responsible for the smooth movement of the garage. If any cable breaks, it can damage the functioning of the whole garage door.

This is where Gastonia Garage Doors will help you. Our team of experts is just a call away. Moreover, we will not only repair the garage door cable, but we will also inspect the whole garage door system to avoid any future issues. Call us today at 704-817-4136.

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Signs of a broken garage door cable

Garage door cables are usually attached to the torsion spring, which sits along with the horizontal height of the garage door opening on the inside. Both of them work together for the easy opening and closing of the garage door.

When the cables of your garage door are broken, you can notice the following signs

The garage door stops working properly

While opening or closing the door, if you feel that it’s not functioning as it used to be, a broken garage cable can be the reason. It can prevent the garage door from moving until the garage door cables are repaired or replaced.

The garage door is uneven

Damaged or snapped cables can become loose that can lead to a rough garage door performance. If you notice your garage door slanting to one side, it may be likely due to frayed garage door cables.

The garage door moves too fast

The purpose of garage door cable is to keep garage door operations trouble-free. However, if your door is closing faster than it used to, it can be due to garage door cables that are broken. 

garage door cable replacement Gastonia NC

Why do garage door cable snaps?

Many of you may have faced various issues with your garage door cable snapping or breaking. There are different reasons why it might happen.

The Garage door cables help in the regular opening and closing of the door. However, everything has a lifespan, and so is the case with the garage door cable. With continuous use, it can begin to wear and tear.

In addition, it is made up of metal. This increases the damage of the garage door cable due to corrosion. The chances of snapping the garage door cable because of corrosion are high when the door is frequently exposed to moisture.

Further, if the door's alignment is not proper, it can be a reason for the garage door cable breaking down. Why? The reason is, lack of alignment increases the strain to one cable over another and breaks the garage door cable. 

Thus, if you face any of the above situations, a garage door repair or a garage door replacement will be a perfect choice. Call at 704-817-4136 for speedy garage door repair or replacement.

What to do if your garage door cable is broken?

Garage door cables can break due to many reasons, and a single broken garage door cable can increase the tension on the other garage door cable. 

Thus, if your garage door is stuck because of a broken cable, this leaves you in trouble. To prevent this, you need to cut the unbroken garage door cable, so the garage door gets lower down. However, a professional must be called to get your garage door cable repaired or replaced.

We highly recommend hiring an expert to perform garage door cable repair. The reason being, many non-professionals get injured every year from attempting to repair damaged garage doors. 

Moreover, if you don’t have any knowledge and experience with garage door repair, don’t try it yourself. If you are looking for garage door cable repair in Gastonia, NC, Gastonia Garage Doors have professionals who can perform a safe, reliable repair. Get in touch with us today! Call at 704-817-4136.

How do we replace or repair the garage door cable?

At Gastonia Garage Doors, we repair and replace the garage door cables with accurate safety and care. We follow the right process while replacing or repairing the damaged garage door cable of your garage door system.


Inspect the garage door cables

Our expert will first know the reason for the damaged garage door cable. Whether a single cable is broken or both of them.


Keeping the garage door in an open position

Before removing the broken cable, we put the door in the open position and lock the door in place. We do this by connecting vice grips to the track below the bottom roller.


Replacing the cable

Before getting started with the design, we finalize the garage door opener that would be perfect for installation at your place.


Garage Door Opener Installation

Once the door is secured, we remove the garage door cable from the bottom of the garage door as well as the drum. Then we fix the new cable to the drum, ravel the cable, and loop the other end around the peg at the bottom of the garage door.

We use cables that are string and have a longer lifespan. In addition, we also ask you for the maintenance of the garage door cables because prevention is better than cure. If maintenance is done regularly, the cable needs not be replaced.

Garage door cable repair and replacement: Frequently Asked Questions

What are garage door cables important?

Garage door cables are important because they help in the smooth functioning of the garage door. They help in holding the garage door while you open and close it.

Should we hire a professional when garage door cables are damaged?

Yes, hiring a professional is a must when the garage door cables are broken. A professional can perform garage door repair or replacement with ease. Call at 704-817-4136 to hire a professional for garage door cable repair.

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