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Garage door installation is one of the most wanted services in Gastonia, NC. There are garage door companies in Gastonia, NC, that claim to provide affordable prices for installing and replacing garage doors. However, even if you contact them, you must reach us once for sure.

When you compare our pricing scheme with theirs, we are sure that you will select us. Not only this! With the best garage door technician team, we are serving customers of Gastonia, NC, for more than a decade.

Our company was started in 2010. In this long run, we gained several customers who took our garage door installation service. With every job and feedback, we improved and worked to offer better services. As the years passed, we earned a huge reputation in Gastonia, NC.

We will only want you to go forward with us if you find us trustworthy. Thus, why don’t you call us once- 704-817-4136 and have a discussion?

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What is the general procedure our Gastonia Garage Doors company follows for garage door installation?

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Gastonia garage door installation for different materials

There are various materials available in the market. For every material type, we provide garage door installation service. Choosing the material type depends on several factors such as weather condition, size of the garage door, frequency of usage, appearance requirements, etc. Check out the widely requested garage door installations based on material type. Call us and let us know which one you need -704-817-4136.

aluminum garage door

Aluminum Garage Door Installation

Aluminum garage doors are the most suitable when the climate has high humidity. The aluminum garage doors are also light. Thus, they consume the least electricity as they can be easily lifted and lowered.

garage door with windows

Garage door installation with glass panels

When you are looking to make your garage door appear unique at budget prices, this is the best solution. The glass door panels can be combined with any material, and the result will be unique in its own way.

composite garage door

Wood garage door installation

These garage doors provide the best appearance to your home. However, they require continuous care and maintenance. Moreover, they are expensive in comparison to other materials. We recommend wood garage doors when you have time and money to install and maintain it.

Steel Garage Door Installation

Steel Garage Door Installation

Steel garage doors have the best range. We suggest this to clients when they are tight on budget but wish to get customized garage doors. You can get an inexpensive one with the right quality.

Process of garage door installation services

We follow an efficient process that helps us to guide our technicians. The process provides knowledge about every stage of our service and what’s the next step technicians need to take.

garage door installation Huntersville NC


Explanation of requirements

When you call us on the provided number- 704-817-4136, our executives will ask you certain questions regarding the requirement and budget. They will also ask for general details such as name, address, etc.


Appointment of garage door technician

According to the information provided by you, the garage door technician team will select the best-suited technician for your help. After discussing the appointment time with you, we will send the garage door technician to your place.


Garage door specification inspection

Before the execution of garage door installation, there are multiple tasks that we need to complete. The garage door technician will inspect the garage door requirement and measure the required specifications. He will also discuss the garage door material and design needs yours.


Designing of garage door

As per the discussion and whatever design elements you suggested, we will go forward with the garage door design. The best part is you get highly customized doors that take care of all your design requirements without fail. We will send you the design, and you can provide inputs before the finalization.


Garage door manufacturing

After the design gets finalized, it’s time to manufacture the garage door that we will install at your place. You have our assurance that we will take care to implement the exact design while manufacturing the garage doors. We also take care to manufacture it according to your material requirements.


Garage door installation

After the garage door manufacturing is done, we bring it to your place and do the installation. We also need to place a garage door opener and associated assembly parts during the installation to make the garage door function. If you have already got the garage door accessories, the only work left is installation. However, if you want us to have a discussion about accessories, we are ready for that.


Garage door review and feedback

After everything is set to its place, the only job left is to review the work to ensure that it is done as expected. We check the movement of the garage door by ascending it and descending it multiple times. If it works fine, our job’s done. If not, we redo the work to earn a satisfied customer.

Garage door installation- frequently asked questions

Do we follow COVID-19 guidelines?

It is mandatory for all our technicians to follow COVID-19 guidelines. We are a responsible garage doors company. Thus, we regularly get our technicians tested to ensure that there is no spread of infection.

What are the benefits of our garage door installation service?

  • Prompt garage door installation
  • 24/7 emergency garage door services
  • High-quality material
  • Best price in Gastonia, NC
  • Licensed garage door technician
  • Serve all areas of Gastonia, NC

How can our customers easily communicate with us?

There is no issue when it comes to communication for garage doors. Our executives are always present to note down your requirements and send them to our garage door team members. All you need to do is to make the call on the provided number- 704-817-4136.

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