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When the garage door company that provided you with the garage door opener installation service was incompetent, you need to face garage door opener repairs. The repairs are necessary when the garage door opener stops working or exhibit trouble in holding the garage door.

That generally happens when the garage door company installs the wrong garage door opener. If the garage door opener isn't capable of lifting the garage door's weight, it might break soon or cause trouble. That's why it is necessary to choose the right garage door company like Gastonia Garage Doors.

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Even if the garage door opener selection is done correctly, there are chances that installation is done incorrectly. With incorrect installation, the garage door gets lift higher from one end in comparison to another. That can also lead to garage door opener breakage. To avoid that, we would suggest not using the garage door until professionals don't fix the garage door opener.

As it is an urgent issue, our company provides immediate service. The technicians reach out to the customer's place right away without making him wait. Choosing our garage door opener repair service will solve the issues for a long period. There would be cases when the repair is not possible. For instance, when you select the wrong garage door opener. In those cases, there is no option but to choose a garage door opener replacement.

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Garage door opener repair service

To check the condition of your garage door opener, our garage door technician must visit your place. For visiting your place, it is necessary that you take an appointment. For taking an appointment, you need to call us at 704-817-4136.

Our technicians are always alert and ready to deliver the service. When you call us, we schedule an appointment at your convenience. If you wish for immediate service, we might need to check the availability. Most times, there are garage door technicians present at the company. Our customer support department will give the necessary details to the technicians who will check your garage door opener.

They will check the garage door opener for faults and defects. For that, they will need to dismantle the existing garage door assembly. By doing that, they can check each part individually without missing any section.

Usually, when there is a garage door opener repair requirement, there are a few faulty parts in the garage door opener that we need to change. Else, the assembly would have become loose or misaligned.

After checking the garage door opener completely, we conclude whether it is possible to do the repair or not. If repair is possible, we will do the needful. However, if we doubt that the garage door opener might require repair again after a short period, we advise customers to go for replacement.

As per discussion with the customer, we conduct the repair and reassemble the assembly within no time. Like we do it in every service, it is important for us to review the work here also.

By reviewing the work, we could detect if we missed any defects. After reviewing if it requires more work, we do the needful. You can reach us at 704-817-4136 and get the garage door opener repair service immediately.

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Garage door opener replacement service

As we mentioned in the above section, we only go for replacement service when it is necessary. If your previous garage door opener service provider chose the wrong garage door opener, there is no point in repairing it. If you repair it, the trouble will come again. That time, you need to call another garage door service provider and get it fixed again. You can't do that multiple times. Therefore, it is better to choose a garage door opener replacement and get rid of all issues for once.

There is an important step before installing the new garage door opener. We need to select the perfect opener. This time, we can't take the risk as choosing the wrong garage door opener is a costly affair. You can't keep replacing the garage door opener multiple times.

When we work for you, we explain to you how we do the selection. It is essential to consider garage door weight, size, and material. Besides these points, we have an entire checklist for the selection of the garage door opener.

After selection, we install the new garage door opener. However, it is not possible without removing the previous assembly. We dismantle the assembly completely, do the new installation, and let you know how it functions.

In this case, we review the work like how we did when we did the garage door repair. After all, client satisfaction is important to us and can only be obtained by delivering the best quality work. If you wish to know more about our service, here is the number- 704-817-4136.

Garage door Opener repair- frequently asked questions

What are the types of garage door openers for which Gastonia Garage Doors provide garage door opener repair?

There are several garage door opener types. Most of the Gastonia, NC garage door owners prefer automated garage door openers that work with the help of sensors. If you also want the same, we can do the replacement. Based on assembly type, there are three major garage door opener types: wall-mount, belt drive, and chain drive garage door opener.

Is garage door opener repair DIY work?

You can repair garage door openers yourself. However, we won't suggest taking the risk as it is connected to electric wires. Besides that, if any fault occurs, it can increase the damage.

How long will it take to communicate and schedule an appointment with us?

It is very easy to communicate with us. You don't need to go through a long process. The only requirement is calling us and explaining the issue. Our executives will check the availability and book the soonest possible appointment time. Here is the contact info- 704-817-4136.

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