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Garage door panels could be expensive. It depends upon the material and design requirements. Also, aligning the new garage door panel with the old garage door panels is a tough task. You need to find the same design, and its appearance must not let others know that the new panel is different from the old ones. Otherwise, the charm of your garage door will decrease.

Because of that, garage door companies charge high prices as residents are ready to pay huge amounts to get the matching designs. However, we don’t take advantage of such a situation. We charge the right price to customers and provide them with inexpensive solutions. Though our prices are low, it doesn’t mean that we will compromise with the material or appearance. You will get the same panel appearance that you had before the damage.

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Besides that, our technicians, designers, and manufacturers have years of experience with different aspects of garage door panels. You won’t get disappointed by getting our service. Therefore, we would suggest calling us once and having a discussion. If you feel our service is the best for you, you only need to move forward- 704-817-4136.

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When can you take our garage door panel replacement service?

Many garage door owners continue using garage doors even when the panels are damaged. It is not a recommended practice.

There could be multiple issues that arise in garage door panels that can only be solved by replacement. For that reason, rather than avoiding the issues, it is better to take our service and eliminate them.

Check out for which situations we provide the service:

  1. When a garage door panel develops cracks or holes that could harm the security, we recommend taking our service. We will try our best to provide affordable garage door panels replacement cost.
  2. The garage door panels can also experience wear and tear due to weather conditions. When we do garage door installation, the weather condition is one of the important factors according to which we select the panels material. Such a situation arises when the garage door panel gets old, or your previous garage door partners chose the wrong material. In this case, we might need to change all the panels. Otherwise, you will need to reach us multiple times as sooner or later panels will experience flaws.
  3. There are many garage door owners who wish to change the appearance of their respective homes. When this is the case, our designers can experiment with the existing garage door design to give a new charm to your entire home. This could be costly if you change all the panels. However, we will try to keep it affordable if we use the existing ones along with the new ones.
  4. Nowadays, we are getting several requests for automating the garage door movement. For that also, we might need to change the panels if they have crossed their service period. We can provide you more information on this when we visit your place for inspection.
garage door panel replacement Gastonia NC

If you require garage door panels replacement due to any other reason, you can contact us by making a call at 704-817-4136 for that too. Our team members will conduct an internal discussion and provide you with the service accordingly.

Garage Door Panels Replacement- Complete Process

To get ideal door replacement panels, it is necessary to follow an ideal service that helps track progress efficiently. Check out each step and find out how our process can be beneficial for you.


Contact us to provide information

We can only provide you with the service when you contact us. You can do that by calling at 704-817-4136. Then you need to give us the information regarding your current garage door panels and the exact service you require. If you think that the requirement is urgent, let our executives know, and they will take action accordingly. You also need to provide a convenient time for the visit, location, name, and address.


Going through the current garage door panels

After taking all the necessary information from you, our garage door contractors reach your place as per the provided address. They go through the current condition of the garage door and check how many panels require replacement. According to that, they provide the quotation. They also give customers a timeframe and delivery date.


Designing the same garage door panels

After you agree with the pricing, our job is to design the same garage door panels. It would be helpful if you got the design copy of the current garage door panels. If not, our talented designers can create it from scratch. After the design is ready, it is sent to you for approval. When approval is received, it is sent for manufacturing.


Manufacturing for garage door panels replacement

Manufacturing garage door panels require paying strict attention to garage door panels material. The manufacturing is done under the guidance of our team members. You have our assurance that the manufactured panel will have the same appearance as the previous one. The only difference is, this time, the panels will be long-lasting.


Installation of the new garage door panel

After manufacturing is done, our garage door contractors will bring the panel to your place. They will remove the old panels carefully without harming the garage door assembly. When removal is done, they will fix the new garage door panels. They will check that the garage door panels replacement and ensure that it is done perfectly by moving the garage doors and examining the panels.

What are the benefits of selecting us as your garage door partners?

  • We offer immediate service to customers who have emergency issues.
  • Our solutions are inexpensive when compared to other garage door companies.
  • It is easy to communicate with us- make a call at 704-817-413 and get the service.
  • We serve each area of Gastonia, NC.
  • Our technicians own license and have experience of more than a decade.

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