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It might appear to you that rollers are very tiny elements of the garage door assembly. However, though they are tiny, they play an important role in the smooth motion of the garage door. When the garage door rollers become non-functioning, there is no way you can use the garage door. Therefore, the entire system highly depends upon the rollers.

That’s why it is necessary to select the best garage door rollers. If your previous garage door company did not provide you with the right ones, don’t worry. We will do the garage door rollers replacement and get a long-term solution for you. In the case of garage door rollers, it’s a simple way to make the purchase. If you go for expensive ones, they will last longer than the inexpensive ones. The price of garage door rollers depends upon the material and wheel’s finishing.

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Our knowledge about garage door wheels is endless. We have team members who are working for garage door rollers replacement for more than three decades. They are with us since the company started and have brought contentment to many customers. If you want to take the service from such an experienced professional, there is the only way- make the call- 704-817-4136.

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What are the signs that you need garage door rollers replacement?

You must understand the signs that garage door wheel replacement is needed. If you do not get the wheels changed within time, it will lead to the breaking of the garage door assembly. Eventually, it may also break the garage door. However, if you can find that rollers have issues before such an event, you can save huge damages.

  • If your garage door rollers become noisier than before, it’s a sign that they are losing their shape. That is because of the continuous pressure of the garage door. It also suggests that the garage door rollers have completed their service life and now changing them is necessary.
  • Sometimes garage doors develop cracks. When this happens, you must not wait for garage door rollers replacement. It is advisable that you contact professionals and get the service done. To identify this, you can check the time the garage door roller takes to raise or lower the garage door. If they take more time than before, stop using the garage door and call the professionals immediately.
  • When garage door rollers lose their shape, electric consumption also increases. That’s another direct sign that you require garage door rollers replacement. However, this can happen due to other reasons. To verify the possibility, reach our technicians. They will visit your home and do the inspection.

If you are not experiencing any signs and still facing garage door issues, you must take our inspection service. When you reach us at 704-817-4136, we appoint a general technician to inspect and identify the issues. According to that, we will provide you with the required solution.

garage door roller replacement Gastonia NC

Types of garage door rollers for which provide garage door wheel replacement regularly

Garage door rollers mainly differ in sizes, thickness, and material. The size and thickness selection is done as per the garage door weight and how fast you wish to open the garage door. When garage doors are heavy, we choose rollers with large thickness for garage door rollers replacement.

When you wish to open the garage door fast, replace the current garage door rollers with larger diameters. There are other factors too that play a role in speeding the garage door opening and closing.

Let’s talk about the material-based division in detail. We usually recommend three types of garage door rollers to our customers based on their requirements.

solid plastic garage door roller

Solid plastic garage door rollers

If we compare all three types, the solid plastic garage door rollers are inexpensive ones. That’s because these garage door rollers don’t offer a long-lasting solution. You need to replace them annually. One benefit you get with these garage door rollers is the least noise. However, we only suggest our customers use these garage door rollers when they are tight on budget. Otherwise, there are other rollers that can save them from annual replacement work.

Steel Garage Door Rollers or Wheels

Steel Garage Door Rollers

Steel garage door rollers are the best choice when you need to find a long-term budget solution. These garage door rollers work for more than five years. After that, they need garage door rollers replacement. They are comparatively expensive than solid plastic garage door rollers. However, still comes under an affordable range. The only issue with these garage door rollers is the noise that will disturb you while someone opens or closes the garage door.

Premium Nylon and Steel Garage Door Rollers or Wheels

Nylon-steel composite garage door rollers

When you don’t need to consider the budget, consider buying these garage door rollers. That’s because they work for more than a decade, don’t cause noise, and require very little maintenance. We always recommend these ones as they are the best garage door rollers in entire North Carolina.

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Garage door rollers replacement service- what we do?

When you communicate with our executives for the service, they appoint the best technician who has experience in garage door rollers replacement.

The technician visits inspect and determine the urgency of conducting the garage door rollers replacement. If immediate garage door wheel replacement is necessary, they do the instant selection as per the budget and other requirements.

After selecting the garage door rollers, they dismantle the assembly and remove the existing garage door rollers. After the removal, they only need to fit the selected garage door rollers and reassemble the parts.

They never forget to review the job by moving the garage door. If the movement is smooth as we expected, that means the job is done perfectly. Even if there is any misalignment, we fix it ASAP and deliver the best results that work for the long term.

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