Posted on May 4, 2021 By Gastonia Garage Doors 
partly open garage door

Nobody likes the rumbling noise that their garage door makes, especially in the evening hours. The unpleasant sound can get on your nerves and make you cringe while trying to enjoy a peaceful night at home for some relaxation. We know how tough this is; it’s time we help take care of things so that nobody has to endure such an awful-sounding nuisance ever again!

How do I fix my noisy garage door? The answer is simple: a thorough inspection and maintenance.

You’ve been dreaming of a quiet garage for years now, and it might finally be within your reach. We’ll go over what areas to check on so you can get that flawless peace of mind -and we even have some great tips!

1. The Opener

A chain-driven garage door opener can be a noisy problem. As time goes on, the chains in this type of device can get loose and clang against other components every time you open your door!

If your garage door needs repair, it's best to hire a professional. Loose chains can cause the rollers on the door to hit the track repeatedly as they go up and down.

Consider upgrading your current garage door opener with one that operates on belts for a more peaceful existence. Belt-driven openers are much quieter than their chain-driven counterparts and can help you sleep better at night.

2. The Garage Door Roller

After years of use, rollers can wear down and bend. If you notice a rattling sound while they’re in operation, then it may be time to get replacements for your damaged or worn set.

Steel rollers are terribly loud and require a lot of lubrication; nylon rollers, on the other hand, are quiet and only need to be lubed occasionally.

3. Garage Door Hinges

To keep your door in good working order, it's important to maintain the hinges. Over time they can wear down and contribute to a noisy garage door or other potential problems. You may see metal filings around the hinge as signs of wear that need attention!

If you're experiencing a broken hinge on your garage door, it's important to take action before the problem worsens. Hinges can become oblong over time and create noise when operating or result in difficulty opening the door. If this is happening, get that fixed as soon as possible by calling us for an appointment!

4. The Bolts & Nuts

The garage door is an important part of any home, and there are many things that every homeowner should know about how to use the space for their own convenience. For example, loose nuts will rattle whenever you open or close your doors; this can be unpleasant, and unprofessional-which is why it's best to tighten them down appropriately. However, don't overdo it because if tightened too tightly, bolts may pierce through on the other side!

5. Garage Door Spring

The secret to a quieter door is in the springs. If you have an old spring system, replace it with torsion springs that sit at the top of your door and are often quieter than traditional ones on standard doors. Just make sure not to handle these parts by yourself as they can be dangerous if not handled properly!

6. The Track

The sound of your metal components will determine how much noise they make. Hire a specialist to have them inspected and repaired if necessary. Otherwise, the track may not move along smoothly without making any significant noises that could disturb others close.

7. The Garage Door

Your garage door could be the cause of your noisy sleeping arrangements. Garage doors with insulation help to limit sound, so if you don't have an insulated overhead door, consider replacing it entirely for a quieter one.

If you don't want to change out the door completely, then polyurethane insulation is a great choice because it minimizes noise and increases stiffness while also providing effective home insulation.


Whether you’ve recently bought a new home or have been living in your old one for years, the chances are that the garage door will need some form of maintenance. Garage doors require regular lubrication to operate efficiently and prevent damage from occurring over time. They also need occasional adjustments if they start making excessive noise when opening or closing.

Suppose this sounds like something that you could use help with, give us a call today! We can provide all sorts of services related to garage door repair and installation at affordable prices—from repairing noisy hinges to replacing worn-out springs. Please don’t wait until it becomes too difficult (or dangerous) to get into your garage before calling; contact our team now to take care of any.