Posted on May 3, 2021 By Gastonia Garage Doors 
garage door opener remote

The remote control for your garage door is supposed to make life easier, but what do you do when it suddenly stops working? You might be wondering if there's an easy fix. The good news is that the troubleshooting process is usually straightforward and can often be completed by following a few simple steps. However, before we get into the details of how to troubleshoot a broken remote clicker for your garage door, let's first examine some of the possible reasons why it may not be working in the first place.

Check the battery in your remote.

There are several reasons why a remote battery may drain the remote battery, but it is typically used every day. The easiest way to tell if this might be your problem is by looking at the light on your remote control: If it looks dim or doesn't blink at all, then you know something's wrong!

Make sure you're pointing the remote at the garage door opener

If you're having trouble getting your remote to work, make sure that it's pointed at the garage door opener. You can check this by pressing any button on the remote and looking for a red light. If there isn't one, try adjusting where you are standing or moving in front of more windows if possible.

Try pressing a different button on your remote

If you've determined that your remote is working, the next step would be to try pressing a different button on your remote. This will tell you if it's just one of those buttons that aren't functioning properly or if there might be a larger issue like low battery power.

Test to see if there's any obstruction between you and the garage door opener

When doors start to close and then suddenly go back, it's a sign that something is in the way.

A garage door opener tells you if something is blocking the door to your garage. The machine will not close when it is blocked. It will stop with a red light on the panel on the wall.

For example, if you leave something heavy in one part of your garage and it only blocks one corner, this could indicate something heavy in that spot, such as a bicycle or car tire.

When you are looking for debris on the track, be sure to check for things that could get in the way of your door. We have seen lots of things like broom handles and ropes blocking doors.

Issues With Safety Sensors

Your safety sensors are designed to avoid accidents by blocking the door from closing if anything blocks its line of sight with infrared signals. Some old openers do not have them, but they've been required for new systems since 1993 due to their important role in child and pet protection (read about UL 325).

When you get home from work, don't worry about whether your garage door will close properly. You can adjust the color of both safety sensors so they match and go out to make sure it closes smoothly!

If you find anything in the tracks, be sure to remove it. Items like ropes and toys are not good for your door.

Check for broken parts

If you open the garage door, and it stays up just a little bit and then goes back down, your spring may be broken. Your springs, drums, and cables are important for the weight of the door. If one of these is not working properly, your opener will be lifting more weight than it can do. This makes the door stay up a little bit and then go back down.

Remote Need Reprogramming

If none of the issues above is the problem, it is possible that you need to reprogram your remote. Each unit could be different, but if you have a LiftMaster remote, we have instructions for how to program your remote so that it will work with your garage door opener.

Call Garage Door Services Professional

If you through all the issues and none of them seem the problem, you may need to call a garage door service professional. The qualified technicians will be able to get your opener working again and advise on what needs replacing or fixing.