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It is true to state that we are proud of our technicians. And why should we not? Our technicians are with us since we started the company in 2010. They are one of the main drivers for the company’s growth. The team has pledged to provide the service to all Gastonia, NC residents irrespective of their area, requirement, and urgency.

As we work how our customers want us to, it helped us deliver the exact required solution. As each customer had a great customer experience, it helped us build an ever-lasting reputation in Gastonia. It also made us widely recommended garage service providers.

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Our Garage Door Repair and Installation Services

garage door installation

Garage door installation

Garage door installation is one of the primary services that we offer. However, they are usually expensive, and there are customization issues. Our Gastonia Garage Doors company addresses these problems by providing cost-effective garage doors and highly customizable options. While providing cost-effective garage doors, they also take care to maintain the proper quality of garage door material. We never compromise with the quality of garage door material. When it comes to customization, you can let us know the references and ideas you have, and we will work accordingly.

garage door opener repair

Garage door opener repair

The garage door opener is complex of all garage door assembly parts. That’s why it’s important to have in-depth knowledge of garage door openers. Our garage door technicians keep track of advancements in garage door openers to ensure they remain acquainted with the latest technology. We dismantle the entire garage door opener and conduct the inspection. The aim is to identify the faulty parts and eliminate them. In this way, we repair the entire garage door opener and fix it back. After the reassembling, we even check whether the garage door opener is functioning properly or not. If there are any issues, we do the review and get the job done as expected.

garage door opener installation

Garage door opener installation

When there are several faulty parts, and it seems impossible to do the repairs, then replacement is the only option left. With replacement, customers solve their all garage door issues once and for all. Besides that, people need garage door opener installation when they get a new garage door. We choose the top-quality garage door opener that aligns with your garage door and additional requirements. You can also choose highly automated openers for convenience.

garage door spring replacement

Garage door springs replacement

Springs are one of the common elements of garage doors for which we get hundreds of calls regarding spring issues. The spring issues such as rusting and misalignment can be treated to some extent. However, in the long run, Gastonia garage door owners need to change the springs for sure. We provide replacement options from all brands and all types of garage door springs. Even after the replacement, if there is an issue, we check the entire assembly and make sure to fix that right away. If you need any of our services, you can call us on 704-817-4136.

garage door panel replacement services

Garage door panels replacement

Many times, we hear complaints about developing cracks in the garage door panels after a few months. What happens when your garage door companies don’t pay the required attention during garage door installation. Due to this, you might need to go for garage door panels replacement service and get all your panels replaced. Even when the garage door material is of good quality, there are chances that you need the panel replacement service. If your panel gets break due to any external force, we find the matching panel and install it like there was no issue.

garage door cable replacement services

Garage door cable repair and replacement

Garage door cable repairs are unlikely. However, we provide this service to check if there are chances. What happens that when a cable gets torn, it is not possible to repair it. When we try to do that, there are chances that it will get snapped again. Therefore, garage door cable repair is only possible when there are minor issues or misalignment. Most times, we go for replacement. The selection of new garage door cables is done based on garage door weight and size.

garage door roller replacement

Garage door rollers replacement

You get a wide range of rollers from which you can select one that you find suitable as per your requirements. The garage door rollers selection is done according to the period for which you want it to function. The long-term functioning garage door wheels are of higher price. Besides that, another factor that plays an important role in the garage door rollers selection is noiseless. If you want a long-term, noiseless solution, it could be a hefty price. However, we try our best to provide customers with a reasonable deal. Also, our charges for installing or replacing garage door rollers are quite low.

garage door track repair replacement

Garage door track replacement

When you go for garage door track replacement, make sure that you choose the tracks that align with your other assembly parts. Before going to a replacement, our garage door technicians would check the tracks for repair work. There is a huge possibility of bending or minor cracks causing trouble. We can solve those issues without much effort and pricing. However, if the cracks and bend are major, there is no option but to go for replacement. Garage door track replacement service will solve track-related problems for a long period.

Know About Gastonia Garage Doors

Gastonia, Garage Doors company, was started in the year 2010. There were no garage door service providers in the city who provide customized services to the customers during that time. We brought the wave of customization to ensure that people get what they exactly want.
The customers reached us with their unique requirements that no other garage door company was entertaining. We worked to fulfill them and provided results beyond their expectations. If you want to know more about our company or wish to benefit from our services, call us right away- 704-817-4136.

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What make us different from other Garage Door Contractor Gastonia

Our satisfaction lies in the contentment of customers and not in making huge profits
We remain available for customers at their convenience and keep our convenience secondary
We go the extra mile to deliver unique designs and high customization to our customers
We don’t prioritize our service to customers as per the profits, but as per the significance and importance to solve the issues
We believe in providing a long-term solution so that your worries are put to an end.


Leo B.
When I installed my garage door, I thought is the best I can get. In a few days, it started developing cracks. When I contacted the previous garage door provider, they told me that I had exceeded the guarantee period. It was a complete waste of money. I had to look for another garage doors company provider. I found Gastonia Garage Doors and explained to them my problem. They provided me the quotation for garage door replacement, and I was surprised to check the affordable price. Wish I would have contacted them earlier. It would have saved a lot of my money.
Lebron C.
Every year, I needed to change my garage door wheels, and I wanted a way out. Gastonia Garage Doors installed the best garage door wheels for me at the right price. I must say that I was not sure that they would last long. Now, it has been more than two years, and never called them for their service. It’s working fine. I have even recommended them to my neighbors and relatives. Even they are satisfied with their garage service.
Molly L.
There are several garage door services providers in Gastonia. So, the question was, why choose this company? They were offering inexpensive rates that were one of the reasons. I was suspicious that how they would deliver quality when prices are so low. But they gave me information about every minor detail of the service- experience, material, etc. They convinced me by building trust, and the results were better than even what I expected. It was worth it, and if I need any garage service in the future, I will contact them only. That’s for sure.

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